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BOTANICAL NAME: Tasmannia lanceolata



Extractions from the leaf of the Tasmanian Mountain Pepper bush, Tasmannia lanceolata. This special Tasmanian native plant contains the unique pungent compound polygodial, which research has shown is responsible for many interesting properties across applications in flavour, anti-microbial, oral and personal care.


Distinct and exotic spicy top-notes with a hint of cinnamon and the Australian bush overlying a peppery background.



The Absolute is produced by non-chlorinated solvent extraction of the leaves of the Tasmanian Native Pepper bush, Tasmannia lanceolata. The Extract is further refined through CO2 processing to increase polygodial activity. 



Flavour enhancer, fragrance, personal care, nutritional, oral care.



Tasmanian Native Pepper Absolute
Tasmanian Native Pepper Extract



Our Tasmanian Native Pepper variants are available wholesale from 50 grams or you can purchase an infusion sample from our shop.

If we have a wonder oil, it is probably this one.


Produced from the leaves of the native Tasmanian Mountain Pepper bush and traditionally used as a spice or substitute for black pepper, Tasmanian Native Pepper has been a local secret and a favourite flavouring for gourmet Tasmanian products for some time. We are only at the beginning of discovering its potential, culinary and otherwise!


The extract is produced from an abundant wild resource where the bush grows in moist, sheltered environments from sea level to subalpine areas within Tasmania. Plantation production research is ongoing and future production will include cultivated sources using superior clones that have been selected over the last 15 years.


We use the leaves to produce our extract, which is a more sustainable practice for consistent supply, as we do not have to rely on the seasonality of the berries. This results in a unique extract which possesses an aroma reminiscent of the Australian bush, dry paperbark and herbs. As a food flavour, it produces a fresh, spicy lingering heat on the palate.


The leaves of Tasmanian Native Pepper have historically been used in food preparation as a substitute for pepper. The extract, however, opens up a world of possibilities to increase its application in the food and beverage industry as a flavouring, while still retaining its ‘bush tucker’ origins. Native Pepper has a wide range of potential uses including in cheeses, smallgoods, spicy sauces and olive oils.


With EOT’s FEMA GRAS registration, we are the only company in the world producing commercial quantities of this unique native extract for use in food products on the international market.


Flavour and aroma are but two facets to this wonder oil – its germ-slaying properties also make it ideal for therapeutic products. A recent study performed by the Department of Primary Industry, Queensland has shown Tasmanian Native Pepper oil to be highly effective against bacterial yeasts/fungi which demonstrates the product’s potential for surface cleaning products for mould control in kitchens and bathrooms.

EOT TNP bush_109.jpg
Tasmanian Native Pepper.jpg

EOT Tasmanian Native Pepper growing areas within Tasmania

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EOT TNP leaf close-up_edited.jpg

Download Tasmanian Native Pepper SDS

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