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You may already know Southern Rosalina by its stage name, Lavender Tea Tree, which is not an inaccurate way of describing the scent.


The oil has very pleasant aromatic notes of both tea tree and lavender and is a unique combination of both oils’ therapeutic values – the relaxing, soothing properties of lavender and the anti-bacterial, cleansing properties of tea tree. Hence, Southern Rosalina finds its natural home in fragrance and aromatherapy.


EOT sources a wild-harvested Southern Rosalina from the unique environment of Flinders Island, off the coast of northern Tasmania in the Bass Strait. The Melaleuca ericifolia plant is also grown on mainland Australia but, like most things from Tasmania, our Southern Rosalina has a little something special. The aroma is crisper and distinctively native, reflecting the coastal environment where it is grown.

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BOTANICAL NAME: Melaleuca ericifolia



An aromatic essential oil from the Tasmanian Melaleuca ericifola. Similar to its Tea Tree cousin, Southern Rosalina carries a mild cineole aroma but, due to its linalool content, is matched with a subtle refreshing lavender reminiscence.



Pleasant native Australian bush scent with fresh sweet floral-herbaceous back notes.



Steam distilled from the freshly cut leaf and branchlets of the Melalueca ericifolia plant.



Aromatherapy, fragrance, personal care.



Southern Rosalina Oil



Our Southern Rosalina Oil is available for wholesale from 100 grams or you can purchase a sample from our shop.

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EOT Southern Rosalina growing areas within Tasmania

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EOT SRosalina harvest_edited.jpg
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