BOTANICAL NAME: Petroselinum crispum



Produced from a special selection of the culinary herb, Petroselinum crispum, our Tasmanian Parsley essential oils capture the clean essence of the freshly cut herb.



Clean complex notes of fresh-cut parsley.



Steam distilled from the whole immature seeding plant Petroselinum crispum.



Flavour, aromatherapy, personal care, nutritional, oral care, complementary medicines.



Parsley Herb Oil
Parsley Seed Oil


Our Parsley Oils are available for wholesale from 100grams or you can purchase a sample of our Parsley Herb Oil from our shop.

Can you imagine a world without parsley? Its flavour and aroma have been known and revered throughout the ages, not just for taste and colour, but for its antioxidant properties as well.  


Our Parsley essential oils are steam distilled from selected culinary Parsley to produce a clean-tasting complex Parsley Herb Oil and a herbaceous Parsley Seed Oil, often used in personal care and complementary healthcare products. We can make adjustments to the distillation techniques to suit customers’ requirements.


Parsley thrives in the cool temperate climate of north-east Tasmania, resulting in high quality oils which perfectly capture the aroma of freshly cut parsley. You will be looking for the salad servers after smelling it!

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EOT Parsley growing areas within Tasmania

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