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Like walking into a cosy warm kitchen after a refreshing hike in the mountains.


Cultivated and grown in the rolling hills of Tasmania, our Rosemary oil is an α-pinene chemotype with a complex and clean aroma, characterised by its robust and energising evergreen notes.

Long considered sacred by ancient cultures, Rosemary is a highly aromatic herb with many remedial benefits. The essential oil has been revered for its renewing properties that support cognitive functions, focus and concentration. The oil also can aid healthy digestion and has antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Our Rosemary oil is produced from an artisanal cottage herb cultivar specifically primed for Tasmania’s cooler growing conditions. It has a chemical profile that is rich in α-pinene, a monoterpene known to support healthy immune and respiratory functions. It also contains additional primary constituents including 1,8-cineole (another respiratory support molecule) and verbenone, bringing balance to its enticing herbaceous aroma.  As a result, it is also less earthy than Rosemary oils produced elsewhere in the world, with some sweet floral notes accentuating the cool alpine elements. 

While enlivening and energising, the aroma of Tasmanian Rosemary is also deeply comforting and familiar, like a cosy Sunday roast dinner. A beloved culinary herb, it is known for its affinity with the strong flavours of meat and game, the earthiness of root vegetables, and even the sweetness of honey. 



BOTANICAL NAME: Rosmarinus officinalis ct. α-pinene



The essential oil produced from the leaves and flowering parts of the perennial herb Rosmarinus officinalis.


Refreshing and energising herbaceous scent with notes of alpine freshness and culinary familiarity.



Steam distilled from the leaves of a high α-pinene variety of Rosmarinus officinalis.



Flavour, aromatherapy, personal care, complementary medicines.


Tasmanian Rosemary Oil



Our Tasmanian Rosemary products are available for purchase from 100 grams. You can purchase a sample of our Rosemary Oil from our shop.

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EOT Tasmanian Rosemary growing areas within Tasmania

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