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How do you like your Fennel oil? Bitter, sweet, or a bit of both – we can do it!


Indigenous to the Mediterranean region, we have cultivated Fennel in Tasmania since the 1980s to produce a diversified range of oils and extracts. We are now one of the largest producers of Fennel oils in the world.


Harvested from late February to mid-May, our stocks of Fennel are typically available all year round.


Our Fennel oil is produced through steam distillation of the immature Fennel seeds. Oils are then typically refined to one of the following standard grades – Bitter Fennel; 70% Fenchone; or Sweet Fennel. These range from a stronger and more bitter taste you might associate with mouthwash (a more fenchone-heavy composition) to a sweeter aniseed flavour, which means the oil is more anethole based.


We can also refine our Fennel oil to customer specification.

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BOTANICAL NAME: Foeniculum vulgare



The essential oil produced from the plant and immature seeds of the perennial herb, Foeniculum vulgure, Bitter Fennel and refined as required to application.



Bitter fennel oil is a combination of the typical natural sweet aniseed aroma and the bitter fenchone.



Steam distilled from the seeding bitter fennel plant Foeniculum vulgare (Fam. Apiaceae). Further rectification is used to produce perfumery grade Bitter Fennel, Sweet Fennel and High Fenchone and Anethole products.



Flavour, aromatherapy, personal care, complementary medicines, nutritional, oral care



Fennel Oil
Fennel Oil Sweet (85% Anethole)

Anethole ex-Fennel (93%min Anethole)
Fennel Oil (70% Fenchone)


Our Fennel Oil products are available for wholesale
from 100 grams.  You can also purchase a sample of our standard Fennel Oil from our shop.

EOT Fennel growing areas within Tasmania

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