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BOTANICAL NAME: Kunzea ambigua



An aromatically unique essential oil derived from the Kunzea ambigua plant capturing the essence of the native Tasmanian island.



Clean, fresh medicinal aroma; eucalyptus with background spicy, woody and sweet notes of the Tasmanian bush.



Steam distilled from the freshly cut leaf and branchlets of the Kunzea ambigua plant.



Aromatherapy, fragrance, skincare, personal care.



Kunzea Oil

Our Kunzea Oil is available for wholesale from 100g or you can purchase a sample from our shop

A wonder oil straight from nature – our Kunzea oil is steam-distilled from the Kunzea ambigua shrub collected from wild-crafted stock in Tasmania’s North East, including the beautiful and remote Flinders Island.


Kunzea has a unique composition, including a very high level of alpha-pinene, which contributes to its woody, medicinal scent. The most accurate description of the scent might be that of fresh Tasmanian island air. One inhale and you could be forgiven for thinking you were on Flinders Island yourself!  


Through oral histories passed down through generations, the wonders of Kunzea have been understood by the traditional owners of this land for thousands of years. It has been widely used by the Aboriginal community of Tasmania as an insect repellent and healing agent for a wide range of ailments. Kunzea essential oil has also been used to assist in providing temporary relief of the pain of arthritis, rheumatism, muscular aches and pains, insect bites and insect bite inflammation, and cold and flu symptoms.


Kunzea is also perfect to diffuse in a therapeutic setting such as spas or massage rooms. The scent truly transports you away from the everyday and into the fresh air of nature.


EOT Kunzea growing areas within Tasmania

EOT Kunzea close-up_edited.jpg
EOT Kunzea Seedlings_edited.jpg

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