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You hear "Tea Tree" and might think "astringent" or "medicinal". But Coastal Tea Tree is very different. It's one of those scents that defies description and really has to be experienced first-hand to capture its freshness and complexity. 


The newest member of our Tasmanian native essential oil portfolio, Coastal Tea Tree is a unique variety of the myrtle family Leptospermum. Although it isn’t as widely known as its Leptospermum cousins such as Manuka and Lemon Tea Tree, the oil found in its leaves is just as aromatic and effective with many interesting uses.


Our Coastal Tea Tree is sourced from wild-crafted stock found in the pristine coastal dune environment of Tasmania’s Flinders Island. The leaves and branchlets of this tall bushy shrub are steam-distilled, producing a pure oil that boasts a sweet earthy scent with light woody and citrus tones.

Coastal Tea Tree essential oil also contains compounds which have a range of beneficial properties including anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-viral. It is therefore ideal for use in therapeutic settings such as spas and massage rooms, and in aromatherapy applications for overall well-being, reducing stress and improving respiratory function.

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BOTANICAL NAME: Leptospermum laevigatum



A unique and aromatic essential oil derived from the Leptospermum laevigatum plant capturing the essence of its native Tasmanian environment.



Sweet and earthy Australian bush aroma with a fresh woody and light citrus background.



Steam-distilled from the freshly cut leaf and branchlets of the Leptospermum laevigatum plant.



Aromatherapy, fragrance, skincare, personal care.



Coastal Tea Tree Oil



Our Coastal Tea Tree Oil is available for wholesale from 100 grams or you can purchase a sample from our shop.

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EOT Coastal Tea Tree growing areas within Tasmania

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