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BOTANICAL NAME:  Boronia megastigma


Boronia is a unique native Australian plant known for its exotic rich and fragrant flower that is extracted in Absolute form to capture its prized essence for fragrance and flavour applications.


Intensely rich, flowery aroma, initially combining the natural green freshness of cassis, with the character of ripening hay. It develops the exotic fruit undertones of yellow freesias with a slight woody dry-out. Boronia contains a unique combination of jasmonates and ionones that enhance a broad range of characteristics in formulation.


The Absolute is produced by non-chlorinated solvent extraction of the open flowers and fine linear leaves of the Australian native shrub Boronia megastigma.


Fragrance, flavour enhancer, aromatherapy, personal care and beverages.


Boronia Absolute, Boronia Heart Absolute,
Boronia Leaf Absolute


Our Boronia Absolutes are available for wholesale from 50g or you can purchase a sample Boronia Infusion from our shop.

Boronia gets the red carpet treatment, as it is the supermodel of our collection. Within its small, unassuming brown blossoms lies an aroma that is intensely rich and complex.


Boronia is a uniquely native Australian plant we have been producing for 35 years. It is a prized cultivar in our portfolio, so much so that we have worked with the University of Tasmania's agriculture and plant sciences faculty for more than a decade to extend its yield and consistency.


Once harvested, solvent washes are used on the flowers to isolate the scent, first into a waxy substance known as a "concrete" and then refined into its concentrate form or "absolute”.


Boronia Absolute has a deep, rich aroma; initially combining the natural green freshness of cassis with the earthy character of ripening hay. It develops exotic fruit undertones of yellow freesias with a somewhat woody dry-out. In other words, it’s complex, distinctive, and a little goes a long way.

Boronia has a unique botanical profile, with similar properties and uses to other high-value absolutes such as rose and jasmine. Earthy and sweet on its own, Boronia accentuates the floral and citrus notes of other components when blended. Several well-known classic perfumes have Boronia absolute at their heart and it is also a specialty flavour that can be added to spirits and liqueurs. 

If you want the X-Factor, you need Boronia!

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EOT Boronia growing areas within Tasmania

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