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Only the best make it into our barrels, and our growers make that part of the job very easy. We are fortunate to work with experienced and dedicated growers across Tasmania. 

Our crops are grown in greater Hobart, the Fingal Valley, Cressy and Longford as well as the Bridport and Winnaleah regions and the Bass Strait islands.

If there is anything you want to know about the crop, our growers will have the answer for you.


Our growers have to use strict cultivation techniques to meet our requirements. In accordance with Tasmania’s GMO-free status, our seed and planting stock is strictly GMO-free. We manage our cropping inputs in strict accordance with compliance requirements and sustainable agricultural practices.

Historically, EOT’s portfolio was dominated by broadacre crops such as Peppermint, Lavender and Fennel. In recent years we have broadened our range to bring the unique and previously unknown flora of Tasmania to the world, from the uplifting Kunzea to the spicy, antibacterial Tasmanian Native Pepper. These are wild-harvested native products that have benefited from a pristine growing environment.


We are always interested in talking to new growers. Please contact us for more information.

EOT Fennel close-up_Smaller.jpg

We engage only the most experienced growers who are passionate about premium crops with full traceability from the paddock to the final product. Their knowledge and accountability measures are unparalleled in this industry –we can not only tell you where the crop was grown on the farm but also more minute details such as the growing and harvesting conditions.  

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