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Our passion is growing plants in smart and sustainable ways, and then capturing their essence for people around the world to use and enjoy.

Our field production team is highly experienced in developing the agronomic systems required for reliably producing temperate essential oil crops and extracting essences of native plants. We have pioneered the commercial production and revolutionised harvesting methods of many essential oil crops such as Boronia. Our decades of experience combined with our capabilities allow us to quickly and successfully bring a trial crop into full-scale production.


Our technical and processing team have an excellent reputation for new product innovation and development, as demonstrated by our unique range of Tasmanian native plant extracts. We possess the in-house technical expertise, which, combined with strong links with research organisations, allows us to take new product ideas through to fruition.


The machines we use to produce our absolutes have been described as “a cross between a cement mixer and a whisky still”

– which is a fair description!  Photo: Chris Crerar/Australian Financial Review

We have a range of extraction and fractionation systems on hand to tailor products to your requirements.


Many of our customers are based overseas and want to bring a taste (or scent) of Tasmania to their local markets. We realise that bio-security and customs requirements vary greatly from region to region, so we also handle the certification and regulations requirements to get our products into your market. Whatever your state or country’s quarantine requirements, we will have it covered.


We cater for large orders from global corporations as well as smaller requirements from boutique producers wanting to explore the unique flavours and aromas of Australian botanicals.

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