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At EOT, we have always worked in partnership with nature, as well as the most experienced local growers. This means that our oils and extracts are consistently of the highest quality and are always traceable back to their sources.


Taking this holistic philosophy of quality a step further, we are proud to now offer our customers an exclusive selection of certified organic essential oils and hydrosols.


To complement our existing essential oil portfolio, our Fennel, Tasmanian Lavender and Tasmanian Rosemary are now available in organic form and are fully certified by the internationally recognised and accredited Australian Organic organisation ACO.


To produce these exclusive high-quality crops, we have been working with growers in the northwest of Tasmania who have over 35 years of experience in organic farming and a strong focus on environmentally sustainable practices, soil and land health.


This part of the state not only enjoys the typical Tasmanian climate of cool nights and warm days - ideal for essential oil crops - but also the natural contours of the land offer shelterbelts that help structure the growing areas and optimise natural water flow for optimal irrigation.


In other words, we’re working with nature like never before!



The following key products are available in wholesale quantities in certified organic form:

  • Fennel Oil

  • Tasmanian Lavender Oil

  • Tasmanian Rosemary Oil

  • Fennel Hydrosol

  • Tasmanian Lavender Hydrosol

  • Tasmanian Rosemary Hydrosol



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Download a printable version - Fennel

Download a printable version - Lavender

Download a printable version - Rosemary