Blackcurrant Bud

Blackcurrant bud extracts are obtained from dormant fruit buds of the blackcurrant bush (Ribes nigrum). The Tasmanian climate is most favourable to blackcurrant production; the bushes grow strongly over the warm, sunny days of spring and summer, while the crisp frosts of late autumn induce dormancy and full flavour development.

We offer two distinct styles of Blackcurrant bud extract; the traditional 'French' style extract and a specialty 'Tasmanian style'.

The ‘Tasmanian style’ has a distinctive aroma, possessing fresh top notes with an intense catty under-tone overlying a fruity background. Both styles of Blackcurrant bud extract are used to reinforce and modify natural or artificial blackcurrant flavours and have numerous applications in perfumery.

Blackcurrant bud extracts are available as a concrete or absolute throughout the year.

Samples and specifications are available on request.

For further information, please download a Technical Data Sheet (PDF 184 KB).